Unlike Manny Pacquiao’s win against Juan Manuel Marquez, this match was met with shock. Not only those present at MGM Grand in Las Vegas uttered a sigh of surprise but all fans around the world too!

A Split Decision verdict was awarded in favor of Timothy Bradley, with the scorecards reading 115-113 in his favor twice, against 115-113 for Manny Pacquiao from the third judge, who most viewed as the one with the best eyesight, or judgment in this case.

Pacquiao versus Bradley
Pacquiao versus Bradley *google image*

The crowd was booing, perhaps because like us, they saw how Pacquiao landed more punches on Bradley, jabs and power punches. Even the latter admitted to his promoter: “I tried hard but I couldn’t beat the guy.”

Though you will read a lot of similar post as this, saying that Pacquiao has “more punches or that he should have won” – we do not have the power to actually change what has been decided…but we know one thing is true, Bradley was declared the winner yet what we saw and watched is surely a different story altogether.