Some weeks ago hubby bought a bicycle trailer so that the boys can come with us when we go cycling. Though C can already ride a bike, he can’t go for long rides. D can’t even ride one with those support wheels. I think we need to spend more time with him on this one. teehee!

The trailer is also a convenient for putting stuff like water bottles, soccer ball and whatnots. All luggage will do! 😀

So we’ve been cycling every Saturday. We would sometime go on a bike tour with friends. The boys had a lot of fun…we would stop by at some point to take photos of the sunset and the surrounding area. We even stopped by a playground last Saturday.

However, after all the fun it is inevitable to not encounter a bit of accident, sometimes big and we as parents are the very first to panic. We see to it that all bikes are in good condition, brakes and all but we can’t control how things would go…unfortunately. Little girl fell off her bike when we were going under the bridge on a rough road. She got bruises on her tummy, left arm and knee while the right arm was totally hurting. That was around 7:40 PM.

We rushed to the hospital and arrived around 8:30PM. It’s overwhelming how many patients could be at the emergency room! The patients come as young as a year-old upto 80-years and above. I told a nurse my observation and he confirmed that it’s true. Either the really young ones or really old are mostly brought to their department. After a check-up, an x-ray, an anesthesia, a cast and another x-ray we were good to go. It took us past 12 midnight to be home.

Morning the next day we went again for a quick check up. We had breakfast at the hospital’s Starbucks before going back home. She’d be in a cast for three weeks…