Billiards is something new for the kids and I think the last time I played it was when hubby and I were still dating. So when we went to Playmobil and the kids saw a billiard table hubby was the willing teacher. I totally lost the skills I can’t even hold a cue stick. ^_^

 Little boy wasn’t allowed to play and he was really sad about it. He can’t even reach the table properly that’s why hubby told him he has to wait when he’s older and it’s something he can’t.

Kuya was trying his best to shoot his green ball to a pocket. We were a bit cautious since he has asthma and we wouldn’t want the chalk to make him cough especially while on vacation.

Ate won second in this game, daddy did good giving tips.



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3 thoughts on “Billiards

  1. everyone’s having fun…after all its a good game and their Daddy is their coach. visiting late from OT. have a great week. 🙂


  2. During my college days I use to play lang play play lang..murang true..hehehe..
    Am not good at it..
    thanks for joining OT sis…


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