Late last year or early this year Ricardo Reyes rose to fame for beating several NBA players in Jimmy Kimmel’s Pop-a-Shot Challenge. – Pop-a-shot is sort of miniature challenge, we used to play this often back home…we still get to play at times and it’s those few moments where hubby and his brother get to do something together.

Anyway, Ricardo beat a number of players including Kobe Bryant, perhaps the toughest or probably the most popular match he had winning with 82 against 58. The list also includes Lamar Odom with the end scores 32-84, Charles Barkley with 51- 85, LeBron James losing with 42-72 and Carmelo Anthony with 38-72 where Ricardo also got to take home a 2011 Red Ford Mustang!  It’s also interesting how each player reacted in the end with Anthony looking the most bitter for his loss. lmao.

So this video was recorded during our visit at the Family Fun Park. Hubby did score well, but I’ m totally sure he wouldn’t beat the girl on below’s video, not even Ricardo would…perhaps. This is for all the women who loves to play hoops too…yes, that’s us!




2 thoughts on “Pop a Shot Challenge

  1. The girl in the last video is crazy! Galing! Reminds me of my mother who played against my nephew because we needed more tickets to redeem 3 stuffed toys. She finished with more balls than my nephew. Hahaha! Too bad, I was holding Una that time and didn’t video the whole thing. She could be the asian grandma shooting hoops. Hahaha!


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