There is nothing like mens’ dress shirts to make an event special or for a man to feel comfortable. There are several patterns that you can choose from with dress shirts. When looking online for these shirts, you should compare the fit. Every brand will fit differently because of the material used and the cut of the shirt. Some dress shirts have a tail, and there are some that have a straight bottom. Those with a straight hem will fit better in a pair of jeans or pants. Shirts with a tail look better when they are untucked because of the design. 

Another thing to consider when looking at dress shirts is the pattern. The best thing is you can find numerous patterns and colors. Take into consideration where you will wear the shirt. A solid color might look better for a church service or job compared to plaid for a casual meeting with friends. When you shop online, you can often zoom in on the pattern to get a better idea of how the colors look together. This can help you decide on getting a plaid shirt or one with stripes. Some colors look better in one design but don’t when made another way.