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Are you an avid motorcycle racer? Do you think there’s nothing in the world like the feeling of wind whipping across your face at 90 miles per hour? If you’ve been on a bike at all, you’re probably already aware of the necessity of good helmets to protect your gray matter. But did you know that modern manufacturers have gone even further in helmet design, enabling them with Bluetooth technology in addition to all the standard safety features?

It’s a brave new world, and technology-capable helmets are at the center of it. Here are just a few reasons to consider these exciting new inventions for your next competition.

1. Phone Calls

You won’t want to answer Grandma’s call in the middle of a race, of course, but if you’re only preparing for the big event with practice drills, having a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will allow you to chat hands free. You’ll also be able to stay in touch with your manager in case of time changes, judging issues or scheduling conflicts.

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2. Intercoms

Talk smack to your competitors when you’re all connected in the same personal area network. Depending on the strength of your Bluetooth device, you may be able to communicate with them even when you’re 2,000 feet apart. This means you’ll be able to toss plenty of insults over your shoulder as you sail into first place.

3. Radio

Ready to win? Get pumped for the race with AC/DC blaring inside your helmet. If the skies are looking a bit suspect, tune into local news stations for weather updates without even needing to slow down. Almost all Bluetooth devices are radio-capable, meaning that you’ll enjoy music, traffic reports and to-the-minute weather updates with the right kind of helmet.

4. GPS

One of the most popular reasons for using Bluetooth helmets is the ease of GPS navigation on the go. You’ll no longer have to fumble with maps or squeeze your phone under your headgear; you can have crystal-clear directions delivered straight to your ear from your helmet’s internal speakers. This is an invaluable tool for any motorcyclist, but it especially comes in handy during races where a wrong turn can mean complete defeat.

If you’re looking for a helmet that will protect your noggin and offer all the conveniences of modern communication devices, invest in one that’s been equipped with Bluetooth technology.