Smoking is a bad habit and all people, smoker or not, knows that for a fact. The addictive effects of nicotine in a human being lead to various types of strokes, heart attacks and cancers. So quitting now is must.

Being a smoker starts when you were young, in order to satisfy your curiosity and peer pressure, you have tried to light just one cigarette in order to show to your friends that you are cool. When in fact, you are not. And now that you are not young anymore and you have encountered so many health problems, you wished to stop but you can’t just easily stop.

Fast Facts About Smoking and Why You Should Stop Now

Quitting smoking is not that easy but you can try every single step given in different help books, websites and even through the help of your doctor.

The two most important factors in order to successfully quit smoking are:

1. Your Will to stop


2. Your Mindset. You must keep in your mind that you really want to give up smoking and that you have to avoid it. You must also understand that smoking has bad effects to your health and smoking increases the chance of having a serious health disease such as heart problems, stroke or worse, cancer. And by quitting you can help your family and friends by not giving them the effects of second hand smoke which is hazardous to their health as well.

9 thoughts on “Fast Facts About Smoking and Why You Should Stop Now

  1. Your words are so true. As young teens we are so eager to impress. We start smoking to be accepted.
    Only when we are older and have come to our senses do we realize that we are hooked on smoking.
    It’s never too late to quit smoking, but it’s not easy and you have to really want it.


  2. I’ve been trying to quit for months, with no success. The worst thing is that my wife is a smoker too, and when one of us is almost done, the other fails…
    It’s not acceptable to smoke anymore. It makes no sense at all.


  3. A great suggestion to quit smoking is trying to get off by using an electric cigarette. They’re not as harmful and can sort of help in weaning off the real deal.


  4. I’m glad that I quit before I was really addicted to ciggs. My husband, before I met him was in his 30’s and had a heart attack from smoking. He quit. I told him if I ever saw him with any sort of item that had smoke coming out of it attached to his mouth I would divorce him. Smoking is so a deal breaker.


  5. I am using chantix now to quit and the side effects are awful but hopefully it will pay off in the end


  6. E-cigarettes are really working well as stop smoking aid. They are worth a try if you really want to stop smoking.


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