I survived day 1 of climbing!


Climbing is an exhilarating activity that you can do to enjoy the great outdoors.  It’s not for everyone, that’s a fact.  You have to train hard to prepare your mind and body for climbing.  Whether you are doing it for personal enjoyment or as a sport, or extreme dedication you need to have the right climbing shoes.  These are not exactly the most fashionable shoes around.  They might not look chic, but practicality and functionality are what really matters when it comes to these shoes.  Instead of worrying about fashion, you have to be focused on what to consider in choosing climbing shoes.

You have to consider the kind of climbing that you are going to do.  Just as in running, you have to consider the kind of surfaces that you will have to climb.  What you need for rock climbing in a wall at your local gym would be different from what you will have to wear if you are going to tackle cracks and overhanging rocks at an outdoor climbing spot.  The right kind of shoes will make the climb safe for you.  They will also keep your feet and toes comfortable throughout your activity.  Start with a beginner shoe that offers all-day comfort, flat-toed fit, and heel cushioning.  Gym climbing or bouldering would require shoes that fit snugly and have a slightly curled toe fit.  This type of climbing shoes has soft and sensitive midsoles.  Crack climbing, on the other hand, requires shoes that have flat toes that can slide easily into thin cracks.  These shoes have durable uppers and stiff midsoles.

There are construction details that you will have to check out as well.  The kind of materials used in the various parts of your climbing shoes should offer the kind of stretch, support, cushioning, and comfort that you need while navigating your climb surfaces.  There are also various closures that you have to consider based on what kind of climb you are going to do.  It is always best to fit the climbing shoes that you are buying.  If you are buying online, it would be advisable to check for sizing guides and return policies.  If you are serious about climbing, it is highly likely that you will be needing more than just one pair of shoes.  Make sure that each pair you buy offers you the functionality that you require during your climbs.


My not so pretty climbing shoes. ^_^