It’s google doodle feast! When this year’s Olympics started out on July 26, Google doodlers made a tribute showcasing a number of sports events. A week later and doodlers were busy changing it’s logo to focus on single events. Here’s a round up of the doodles from last week.

Archery Competition, July 27

After the movies Hunger Games and Brave hit the box office, with lead characters both sporting good skills at archery, this recreational activity is surely one of the most watched game at the Olympics. Archery, the art of propelling arrows with the use of a bow used to be a skill for hunting and combat…now that we live in a world where food is not as scarce, it has been reduced to a form of sports.

The doogle depicts an archer ready to hit the cherry placed on google’s second O.

For me, archery brings back memories of a favorite Japanese Super Sentai series, Bioman. My favorite character, Yellow Four/Jun Yabuki, is a toxophilite.


google doodle olympics 2012 diving
Diving, July 29

Diving, the sport of jumping or falling into water from a platform or springboard, sometimes while performing acrobatics, is one of the most watched game in the Olympics. Depicted in the doodle is an athlete ready to spring off into the water with the pool spelling out “google.”

This reminded me of another Bioman character, Blue Three/Ryuta Nanbara, who is a diver and sportsman. Although his diving is mostly in the ocean to discover new things.

google doodle olympics 2012 fencing
Fencing, July 30

Fencing is a family of combat sports using bladed weapons, one of the five sports featured at every Olympic games. The doodle shows two competitors in action. One with the letter O from google used as the head is attacking and the other  uses the letter L as a bladed weapon for defense.

There are 3 weapons used in fencing, can you guess which one is used here?

google doodle olympics 2012 men's rings
Men’s Rings, July 31

Men’s Rings or steady rings, as an artistic gymnastics apparatus, it is traditionally used only by male gymnasts. In this doodle we can see the google’s two o’s used as rings with a man suspended in mid-air to show his craft. What fun way to integrate letters, doodlers.

google doodle olympics 2012 hockey
Field Hockey, August 1

Field Hockey, is like a sport of crossover ice hockey and soccer. This is perhaps one of the few doodles not to integrate google letters into it…or? In this doodle we see a woman dribbling the ball across the green turf, the letter Go-le can be seen but not the other o and g to complete google…I guess the woman’s head could be o and the torso along with one leg is “g.” What say you?

google doodle olympics 2012 table tennis
Table Tennis, August 2

Tabel Tennis, for some known as ping-pong, is the only game in this batch that I can play well. This doodle shows an angry, perhaps earnest-looking player ready to hit the hollow ball. The opponent’s racket is in place of the google’s second o – spelled throughout the net.

google doodle olympics 2012 shot put
Shot Put, August 3

Shot Put, is a track and field event where the athlete is supposed to throw or put (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy metal ball, which is called the shot, as far as possible. The doodle can be seen with a muscular shot putter getting ready to throw. Google can be seen behind the field and like the previous doodle showing field hockey, it is not integrated much into the picture.

There’d be a lot more doodles to come, and I’m sure we will enjoy all of them these coming days.