Thanks to everyone who participated!

Finally, I took the much needed time to sort and validate the entries for Sporty’s blog giveaway – due more than one week ago. 🙁

Sorry for that, having 16 blogs isn’t an easy task. lol. Enough of the excuses, let me thank Gene for the help with the rafflecopter. 🙂 With her around, who needs google? Thanks for the patience sisterette.

I used to have for giveaways so this is a first. I used the default template on Rafflecopter and forgot to change the like requirement to my page…hence it says on the photo below “Like” Rafflecopter on Facebook. I was only able to take a video of all participants. Here:


And via Rafflecopter we picked the winner! I said we, because after I picked one the little boy asked if he could also pick an entry, thus we have two winners for this giveaway!


 Janice of Sublimewanderer will receive 20$.

Kero of Mrs.Pinkihan will receive 5$.

Kindly send in your paypal details per email to mirage2g (at) gmail dot com.

Again, thank you so much for joining and we hope you can join us again. For now we are having Top Commentators giveaway over at Vienna and Beyond and Benedique. Hope you can join!