Keeping the body in good condition through exercise and healthy eating habits is a lifestyle that has been adopted by a lot of people today. Just like everything else in this modern world, gadgets, gizmos and applications have been developed to help people achieve their fitness goals. Gadgets like Pedometers, heart rate monitors and lap trackers are some of the basic fitness accessories that exercise buffs and athletes use to check and improve their performance. There are also more advanced gadgets that measure anything from the amount of calories burned, pulse rates, blood oxygen levels and even the air quality in the room.

Here are some body accessories that one can use for their fitness activities this year.

1. Nike+ iPod. This little sensor enables one to connect their Nike+ Trainers to their iPod allowing users to monitor their running activities, work-out periods, and work-out music. Simply connect the iPod to the computer to upload the data and it can help track one’s progress and serve as a guide in managing work-out activities from setting exercise scheduled down to selecting music that motivates effectively.

2. Garmin Forerunner 910XT Multisport GPS Training Watch. Training in different types of sports requires different metrics in determining optimum performance. This gadget can cover measurements for running, swimming, or cycling. It is equipped with a barometric altimeter that can track elevation and a GPS for mapping and data sharing.

3. Polar FT60 Fitness Heart Rate Monitors. Individuals who commit themselves to keeping fit and doing regular exercises can benefit from this gadget that features a calorie burn monitor, fitness test, wireless ECG accuracy, and personalized training program. It helps monitor heart rate levels and help keep them at the safe zone and also serve as a fitness guide and diary for people of all ages.

These are merely some of the basic tools that one can use to start or upgrade their fitness habits. Other non-wearable gadgets and applications that one can explore this year include the Wii Fit, Fitness Cube, and Ergo Racer. It is important to remember though, that the achievement of one’s fitness goal is largely dependent on their determination and discipline.

nike+ ipod
Nike+ Ipod