dirt biking kids
Getting ready for their first dirt biking race.

The kids got to try Mini Motocross bikes today at Vienna’s Praterstern and they were really ecstatic about it. This is a great way to introduce kids to motocross racing or dirt biking…especially for families who love outdoor sports.

Just like any other sport, dirt biking may involve accident and unforeseen occurrences but with proper training and gears, these can be minimized. To start off, kids should at least know how to ride a bike so that they can balance the motocross bikes…they should also be well protected. Gears as helmet, gloves, appropriate attire and footwear should be provided for. Today was a first so we were not all ready for it but the attendants had helmets and neck supports ready for those who want to participate. The race track were also safely barred with hay to obviously make impact lighter in case of falling off.

dirt bike
Dawty ahead of the pack.

Training kids into dirt biking is a also a good way to bond. It doesn’t really mean that you’re pushing them to engage in it but you’re just allowing them to explore their interests and make them experience sports and adventures that would build up confidence.

Make sure your child is well oriented and he or she knows the proper gears, gas, brake and other parts of the bike and the importance of each while riding. Inspect the bike as often as you could but most especially before the start of training or race. This is to ensure the safety of your child. Make sure that the bike has something like a speed governor to gauge the speed a child would go…you know they tend to get excited and overspeed. ^_^

dirt bike kids
Son 1 overtook the others later on.

Always make it a point to remind your child that it isn’t really important to be the first to finish a track, what matters is that he or she enjoys riding. The coming in first comes later. Here’s a short video of the two at the track.