One aspect that is so beautiful about humans is that no matter what, we’d be artistic.  Even the walls of elevated train tracks gets graffitis on them, until now I don’t know how or when they do it. I do know though that snowboards are a unique way of expressing one’s self. You’d think it’s just a snowboard but hey, it’s like a car, why go with black when your favorite color is red, blue and purple? Put all these colors on and you have a cool snowboard compared to a plain white like the usual.

Mikhail Karagezyan Snowboard Design
Mikhail Karagezyan Design

Most that I see tend to go tribal in designs…like tattooing boards. Boarders can have their own design painted or go all feminine if they prefer too…Hello Kitty’s your favorite? No problem, you can have your boards designed with her…rather with goodbye Kitty. (lol)

Design options are endless…pick up your board and start designing…or have your hubby design it for you…like I would!

Goodbye Kitty snowboards