Taking Your Sport Education to a Higher Level
^So I diy’d a shelf over a shelf, I just need to paint it with the same colour. I sometimes wonder if I should’ve taken such courses as carpentry, or interior design, or upholstery, or shoemaking, or be a luthier, take up culinary arts or fashion design… maybe, no…sports management?

Many people leave high school and head straight for college. It is ingrained in us to believe that a college education will get us higher paying jobs and a more comfortable life. For the most part, this is true. The problem is that many young people are leaving school with a four-year degree and doing nothing with it. It is true that you learn a lot more through the college experience than just your degree of study, but why not go a step further and pursue a masters or doctorate in a subject you love.

Many fields require more than just an undergraduate degree to really climb the career ladder or land the fun jobs. Those with a graduate degree have greater employment opportunities, greater career advancement, and greater financial rewards.Continue Reading…