Son #1 has a compulsory swimming course for this year. He can swim but not a lot so he to be grouped in the beginner’s group. He’s there with 4 others. I explained to one of the grandmoms who I often talk to when picking him up that even though we often go to swim, the kids always have their swim floaters on. She was a bit surprised when I said that I myself can’t swim well. She said; “the Philippines is surrounded by water, how come you never learned how to swim?” I myself had to wonder.

Eliminating the fact that I get sunburned easily, I said “maybe because we’ve always had those beaches that I took it for granted…knowing that the sea is just there and I could swim whenever I want to.” Makes sense…now that we live in a city far from the sea, I not only miss the sight of blue, I also miss the foods of the sea – all freshly produced.

Anyway, we hurriedly looked for swimming trunks and other gears for the first day. There were also a lot of moms looking for swimming gear so we had to hop to three shops, on the third shop C&A, we were able to buy items on sale, 70% off. His swimming trunks, swimming shorts costs 7€ and 14€ respectively, but I only paid 6€”! A really big discount.

I also bought him this big blue towel enough to cover him, he’s had bronchitis then and now so I wanted to make sure that he doesn’t get so cold when he gets out of the water. So if you’re planning to buy swimming gears, now is the best time to do so…autumn sale for summer stuff!