Long considered as luxury items, bidets are fast becoming common in households and establishments worldwide including the Philippines. This luxury item is actually a practical and economical device that also has health benefits for its users.

Bidets are bathroom fixtures used for washing the genital and anal area after waste excretion. Although in some European and East Asian countries, it is used to wash feet or as mini bathtubs for little children.

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The primary health benefit of a bidet is in cleansing our body and eliminating traces of fecal matter. This protects us from bacterial infections caused by poor hygiene such as UTI, yeast infection etc. It also helps in reducing feminine discomfort and unpleasant odors resulting from vaginal discharges or during menstrual period.

There are various bidet models that provide more than cleanliness and convenience. Models with temperature and pressure control features can help in the relief of patients suffering from hemorrhoids or soothe mothers from perineal discomfort during post partum recovery.

There are also hybrid bidet toilet units that are ideal for the elderly and the physically disabled. It allows them to clean themselves up on their own, conveniently and without any physical discomfort. It may even have therapeutic effects on both their physical and emotional well-being by enabling them to do this basic function independently.

To top it off, the modern bidet is environment friendly because it consumes less water and less toilet paper than a regular toilet. In a way, you are taking care of both your family’s health and the mother earth’s health by using a bidet.