Not all people have been gifted with brimming enthusiasm, glaring positivism, and a general happy disposition. There are those who can’t help feeling the pressures of life and those who are unable to have this steady stream of happiness despite life’s troubles. Those who do not have this innate sense of joy have to learn how to be happy no matter what life throws at them.

In my pursuit of happiness, I came across four secrets of happy people. Here are the most basic things a person should learn how to do if he were to be truly happy.

Like Yourself. People who have high self-esteem generally feel good about life and are less likely to fall into the trap of depression. To build your self-esteem, focus on the positive and affirm your good traits. Avoid comparing yourself with others. Instead, focus on modest self-enhancement.

Be Filled with Hope. Aside from being physically and emotionally healthier, optimists also have greater chances of being successful in life. They view setbacks as learning opportunities. Have a positive outlook in life and soon you will be having a life overflowing with gladness.

Be Outgoing. Social and outgoing people have higher satisfaction with life and are by and large greatly happier than those who are less sociable. Be more involved with others and widen your circle of friends. Engage in social activities to benefit from social support.

Choose your Destiny. People who believe that they are in control of their own lives have positive feelings of well being and are typically happier with their lives. Plan your goals and do something to achieve them. Set deadlines and then meet them. Know that you are in control of your own decisions and of what you want to happen in your life.