One of the deadly viruses that can infect human beings is the rabies virus. It is transmitted through bites or scratches from animals infected with rabies. Both wild and domestic animals may be carriers of the virus. Cats and dogs are the most common domestic animals with rabies.

Get them vaccinated – no matter how cute

A person infected with the rabies virus may feel pain, some itchy or tingling sensation coming from the bite or scratch area. It may be accompanied by fever, chills, muscle aches, fatigue and irritability. This would gradually develop into graver symptoms such as: high fever, agitation, confusion, hydrophobia, aerophobia, personality changes, then seizures and coma. Eventually the virus affects the other organs of the body and results to the death of the patient.

Unfortunately, once the rabies virus start to affect the nervous system in the human body it can no longer be treated. The only way we can fight this illness is through preventive measures.

The spread of rabies infection may be prevented by seeking immediate medical attention if you are bitten by any wild or domestic animal, especially ones that appear rabid. Pet owners should also make sure that their pets get proper vaccination. Educate yourself and your children on how to handle or take care of pets before getting one for the family.