Taking Your Sport Education to a Higher Level
^So I diy’d a shelf over a shelf, I just need to paint it with the same colour. I sometimes wonder if I should’ve taken such courses as carpentry, or interior design, or upholstery, or shoemaking, or be a luthier, take up culinary arts or fashion design… maybe, no…sports management?

Many people leave high school and head straight for college. It is ingrained in us to believe that a college education will get us higher paying jobs and a more comfortable life. For the most part, this is true. The problem is that many young people are leaving school with a four-year degree and doing nothing with it. It is true that you learn a lot more through the college experience than just your degree of study, but why not go a step further and pursue a masters or doctorate in a subject you love.

Many fields require more than just an undergraduate degree to really climb the career ladder or land the fun jobs. Those with a graduate degree have greater employment opportunities, greater career advancement, and greater financial rewards.

Graduate Degree Career Opportunities

Many career sectors have replaced a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree as a minimum requirement for employment. A graduate degree may open more doors to employment, even entry-level. By earning a higher degree, you show employers you have determination, intellectual prowess, and persistence. These are qualities vital for management and director roles. Employers want employees that have the discipline to hold a long-term position.

Certain fields such as law, healthcare, teaching, and social work require an advanced degree for you to legally be recognized as a professional. Your advanced knowledge of a subject area allows you to perform better in your current position which opens up doors for career advancement. The great responsibility associated with these jobs leads to higher salaries.

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Financial Rewards

If you are going to invest further in your education, you want to know your return on investment will be worthwhile. Some reports show as much as a 30 percent difference in average annual salary between an individual with a bachelor’s degree and one with a master’s degree. Many graduate students are able to offset costs through scholarships, employee incentive programs, and working for the school.

Other Benefits

In addition to more and better career opportunities that pay higher salaries, a graduate degree offers benefits like personal growth, a sense of accomplishment, recognition, credibility, and sating a passionate curiosity. A graduate degree from schools like Adelphi allows you to further pursue your intellectual interests in a way you would not be able to do on your own. Check out some of their programs and get answers to questions like what is a sports management degree?

Maybe you are working at a less than satisfying job. Earning an advanced degree by taking online or evening classes can help you challenge your mind. You gain new experiences and perspectives. You have the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded intellectuals that provide stimulating conversation.

No matter your reasoning, pursuing a graduate degree is advantageous. You have the ability to tap into your school’s vast resources to explore an area of interest. Graduate degrees on a resume increase your appeal. Employers are more likely to depend on a person willing to put in the time to earn an advanced degree. Investing in high education could pay off in the form of a higher salaried position.