A conversation with my daughter sometime last year goes:

Mom: Would you like to attend  ballet class?
Dawty: No mommy, that’s tiring. I prefer figure skating…

Had to laugh because figure skating is like ballet on ice! She definitely thought that it’s not as hard as ballet when in fact, it’s double the difficulty.

We’ve been going for three years now to an ice skating course every November-March and all three of my kids can skate well now. I bought the boys hockey skates while I bought my daughter figure skates. Those in photo are hers, I got her white to match every color that she’d wear. ;D

My husband would always say that I’m making our kids do the things that I wasn’t able to do when I was their age. Perhaps it’s true, I think the fun there is they all enjoy it…I had a different childhood which was enjoyable too but as my husband once said, “he hopes our kids would have twice the fun of the childhood he had.”  – I do too.

Little boy can skate too!


8 thoughts on “Ice Skating

  1. me too! i would also love to learn ice skating! hihi!
    as for my kids, i think your hubby can also say that to me. I would love my kids to learn things i didn’t learn when i was young. My frustrations, ika nga. And one of them is playing piano. Good thing though both of them are musically inclined (like me..hehe..) so I think it would be easy to encourage them. Even a dance lesson for them will do.


  2. I love to roller skate never learned to ice skate but one day may after all never know the next experience we go through


  3. My little G also wanted to learn ice skating and join them sometime. Maybe when he gets older…all he knows every time he sees a range is that the 3 are there and will begin shouting their names as if they are really there. hehe


  4. nice sport! i never learned how to ice skate hehe, i am afraid to fall down and break a bone that’s why i did tried it only once ahaha


  5. same here, i try to encourage my sons to ‘go out there’, have fun, and learn something new along the way; learn stuffs that I haven’t learned when i was young, and hope that it will help mold them into better persons.

    oh, i used to go rollerskating around the house when i was young…lol. am not sure if i still know how to balance with them on my feet, though. 😀


  6. awww i wish i could also figure skate! LOL. My girl also wants to enroll in a skating class here at a mall but we are still waiting for her to finish her violin classes. 🙂 this would encourage her all the more. Your kids look so cute! And mukhang ang gagaling na nila.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post for WW this week!


  7. I haven’t been ice skating in so long! I’ve never been very good at it though 🙂


  8. I was a competitive ice skater from the age of 4 to the age of 21. I loved it, but after 3 knee surgeries, broken hip, stitches in the chin and buttocks, it is safe to say that I became burned out.


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