A conversation with my daughter sometime last year goes:

Mom: Would you like to attend  ballet class?
Dawty: No mommy, that’s tiring. I prefer figure skating…

Had to laugh because figure skating is like ballet on ice! She definitely thought that it’s not as hard as ballet when in fact, it’s double the difficulty.

We’ve been going for three years now to an ice skating course every November-March and all three of my kids can skate well now. I bought the boys hockey skates while I bought my daughter figure skates. Those in photo are hers, I got her white to match every color that she’d wear. ;D

My husband would always say that I’m making our kids do the things that I wasn’t able to do when I was their age. Perhaps it’s true, I think the fun there is they all enjoy it…I had a different childhood which was enjoyable too but as my husband once said, “he hopes our kids would have twice the fun of the childhood he had.”  – I do too.

Little boy can skate too!