Eat Right to Sleep Tight


Most people are aware of the relationship between healthy diet and regular exercise when it comes to having a fit and healthy body. However, not everyone is conscious about the connection of their eating habits to the quality of sleep that they get. Scientific studies have already shown that a person’s diet can help a person sleep tight every night. Here are some pointers on how to choose food that can help you snooze well.

Be a fan of tryptophan.

The body uses Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, to induce a calm and relaxed state which is essential in getting a good night’s sleep. In order to produce Serotonin, the body needs another substance which is called tryptophan. This substance is naturally found in several kinds of food, so those who include tryptophan-rich food in their daily diet are more likely to get a better sleep. Examples of these food items include high-carbohydrates meals like pasta, baked potato, noodles, food crops, bread and pastries, rice and other grains. Those who still feel a bit active at bedtime can snack on some cereals or a peanut butter sandwich to give their body a serotonin boost. However, one should be careful with these high-carb bedtime snacks as they can result in unwanted weight gain.

sleep tight

Lay Low on Protein Before Bedtime.

Amino acids or proteins are the body’s building blocks so they are diet essentials for those who want a fit body. However, high-protein meals can also make one feel more alert or conscious. This often makes it difficult for a person to get an eye shutter for the night. Keep dinner meals light on protein with just the right amount of carbohydrates for a good night sleep with less risk of weight gain. You may add some greens on your menu for a well balanced night time menu.

Say No to Caffeine.

Food and drinks that contain caffeine are sleep’s worst enemies. These are items that can keep one awake for the whole night and affect a person’s sleeping patterns in the long run. Coffee is a popular perk me up drink for those who want to keep themselves awake but there are also other caffeine infused items that one should stay away from. This includes chocolate, fizzy drinks and tea. Those who a good snooze should avoid these things or at least refrain from these intakes after 6:00 pm.

The quality of sleep also affects a person’s overall health.

Some of the benefits that people can enjoy from a good night’s sleep include increased alertness, clearer thinking process, better mood, and a body. Being conscious of one’s diet and learning how to use food groups to your advantage can easily help you eat right to sleep tight.