In a society where people value physical appearance, even the most harmless skin problem is a cause for concern. I’m talking about the skin growth caused by a virus called human papillomavirus or warts. These are small, fleshy and grainy bumps that can be found in different parts of your body. Often times they just disappear on their own but since warts are viral in nature, they can easily spread to other parts of your body or worse you can transmit them to other people.

clear warts
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Plantar warts – are hard warts usually found at the bottom or soles of our feet sometimes mistaken for corns or calluses. The difference is that warts have black spots within the growth while corns and calluses are clear. It can be irritating or painful when you walk since it is located at the bottom of your feet. You may put bandage or plaster on your wart to cushion it and decrease the pain. Plantar warts can easily be treated with salicylic acid or freezing methods which can be bought over the counter in drug stores.

Flat Warts or juvenile warts – these are flat, pin sized, and flesh colored warts usually found in the face, neck, legs, arms or sometimes the torso. These are painless warts that you would hardly notice except when you look in the mirror. You may go to your dermatologist for wart removal options.

Facial or Filiform Warts – are long brush-like warts usually found on the eyelids and surrounding area, neck and the lips. This kind of wart spread easily, simply touching the wart can infect other parts of the body. Unlike the other types of warts, Filiform warts may itch or bleed. The best solution is to have them removed quickly. However, it is strongly suggested that you consult a doctor before treating your wart.

They may be harmless and trivial compared to other skin problems but like it or not, your handsome prince charming can turn into a frog if he gets freckled with warts.