For decades now, just the term BMW cars brings to mind the image of high precision, beautifully engineered cars that were built to perform at the best possible with only the minimum possible input. It then comes as no big surprise that at this round of the Olympics that are going to be hosted in London, BMW has been appointed as the Official Automotive Partner of the games. The pairing of two dynamic names like the Olympics and BMW certainly leaves one in awe seeing that the power and force of each great company signifies the message that the game holds in the first place.

For years now, BMW motors has worked ceaselessly to produce and manufacture cars that not only provide optimum performance, but are also fuel efficient and ecologically friendly without leaving too large a carbon footprint behind. This goes in line with the message of the Olympics games, and is also the reason why this time around, BMW will be supplying an entire fleet of their fuel efficient, electrical hybrid cars as the sole mode of transportation for officials, committee members and athletes as they adjourn from one venue to another as part of the game.

The latest BMW commercial that was shot in collaboration with the games showcased their lastest M5 model being tested to its limits on a beautiful stretch of beach in Wales. The setting of the video, the precision and dynamic of the car and the power of both man and machine was clearly evident as precision driver Wolfgang Weber steered and drifted the car along the sandy shores. It was a perfect teaming of man, nature and machine, which as a whole produced an image of power, harmony and cooperation as well as a glimpse into the future of motorsports.