Fit for Running


Running as a fitness activity is such a fad these days.  It’s supposed to be healthier, affordable, and more fun.  The biggest investment you will probably have to make is for the right running shoes for this activity.  There are a lot of options for you at The Clymb.  Choosing the right pair, however, is not as easy as choosing the styles and colors that look great on your feet.  These shoes are specially designed for specific types of feet and with different features to support various running styles.  The surfaces that you run on should also determine your choice of shoes.  The type of shoes that you choose for trail runs and for pavement runs are different.

You have to get to know your feet before you buy your shoes.  You have to know your shoe size and your arch shape.  Your arch shape affects the way you walk or run. This brings you to the next step – to determine your biomechanics.  You can be a pronator, an overpronator, or a supinator.  Shoes are designed to address the feet’s sideward movements as they hit the ground when you run.


Among the features to look for in these shoes are cushioning, stability support, and motion control.  Running shoes are also classified into three major categories.  Online stores usually have filters to display, stability, performance, neutral, and minimalist shoe options for runners.  Stability shoes are great options for those with low to normal arches and are overpronators.  These shoes have the kind of support and cushioning overpronators need to run more efficiently.  Biomechanical efficiency is also achieved with performance shoes.  These come in lighter and narrower styles and with variations in support and cushioning.  Neutral shoes, on the other hand, have maximum midsole cushioning that’s best for runners with normal to high arches.  The cushioning element is decreased in a stripped down minimalist shoe.  This type of shoe is supposed to be best for those who are looking for maximum responsiveness.

On the more practical side, you want to purchase running shoes that give you good value for your money.  There are different brands available in the market offering shoes at different price ranges.  The Clymb gives you a number of worthy choices in running shoes.  What’s more, they even offer huge discounts of up to 70% of regular retail prices on these shoes from the best brands.  With such savings, it’s not difficult at all to gear up for running and be on your way to a fitter new you.