Pharmaceutical companies, telecommunication firms, major clothing brands, fast food chains, and basically every other type of company there is have all sponsored fun runs around the metro.  A few years back, the “in” things was having expensive gym memberships at exclusive sports clubs.  Nowadays, everyone seems to be into running.  So, what’s the big deal about it and why are people donning on their running shoes?

it burns momre calories

Aside from being a very affordable sport, running burns more calories compared to other aerobic sports.  In general, a 130-lb person exercising would burn approximately 472 calories running for an hour, 354 calories cycling, 413 calories swimming laps, and 295 calories brisk walking.  This translates to more weight lost especially when the intensity of the run is increased.  Running also increases endorphins making it an ideal stress reliever and mood enhancer.

Among the many healthy activities that one can do, running offers the most flexibility. All one needs to run is a good pair of trainers and a few minutes off from one’s busy schedule. One can choose to run alone, run with family and friends, or even run in organized social events.  One can run pretty much anytime and anywhere he wants to.  There’s really no waiting time for this sport.

With the health benefits outweighing the possible adverse effects,  perhaps it’s about time you put on those trainers and run for good health.  Beginners would do well to keep the following in mind:

Consult a doctor if you have certain medical conditions that may affect your running.

Take time to find the perfect pair of trainers for yourself. A running store where your feet and running form can be analyzed
would be your best source for that ultimate pair of running shoes.

Start slowly. Start at about three to four times a week of 20 minutes of running preceded by a 10-minute warm-up and ended with a 10-minute cool down.  Gradually work increasing the duration and the frequency of your runs.

Consume easily digestible foods such as oatmeal, bananas, or yogurt an hour before you run to fuel your body.

Replenish the nutrients and calories depleted during your run with sports drinks that contain electrolytes.

Finally, follow a proper running program to maximize the benefits you can gain from running.