Horses are very popular among kids.  It’s one of the animals that they learn about in picture books and trips to the zoo.  Cowboy wannabes naturally would want to have a horse of their own.  For people who live in the urban jungle, this might not be possible at all.  If your child’s interest in horses and horse riding is more than just a passing fancy, you can enroll them in a riding school.  You can support your child as he learns equestrian skills and tricks to excel in the sport of horse riding.

horseback riding

The first thing that you should do is to determine whether your child is serious about the sport or not.  The lessons and the equipment needed in the sport are not inexpensive.  You want to make sure that your child will really pursue the sport.  There are riding schools that you can visit for a go-see.  Ask if your child can ride one of the horses to see how it feels.  Take your child on a tour of the riding school and stables.  Introduce him to the instructors.  Some schools might have introductory promos that will also allow the instructors to assess the child’s skills.

You also have to talk to the instructors at the riding school to find out what the sport entails and what resources you need to have.  Let him give you and your child a walk-through of what the lessons involve, what skills your child will develop, and what you can expect your child to achieve both over the short term and in the future.

This will help anchor your child’s goals with respect to riding as a sport.  When you talk to your child later on, you can discuss these goals and work out a plan on how you can support him.  Remember that succeeding in horse riding as a sport takes a whole lot more than learning how to trot and gallop.  It takes the commitment and dedication of yourself, your child, and your child’s riding instructor in working towards helping your child develop the necessary skills to excel in the sport and who knows someday soon, your little one would be seen competing at one of the grand national horse riding competition in your area or perhaps as an equestrian at  the Olympics!