Last year (yes, a very late posting), we spotted this big trucks parked by the big yard near our place. See how big those wheels are. We just had to take some photos. While there we learned that a group of stunt men and action stars are having a stunt show…This was taken on a Sunday, on our way to bible study – hence, little girl’s outfit. She didn’t mind and was actually excited going up the really big wheels!

Littlest boy was also in the mood and playfully posed inside the rim…he fits perfectly…



The following Saturday Hubby made sure we’d be able to watch the stunt show. It was held in a different district, quite far from our place. We arrived really early so we got time to be silly and take photos of the monster trucks. Below is him pretending. ^_^



Around 2PM we watched Cortes & Co. performed their routine stunts using cars, motorbikes and the monster trucks. There were crashing, rolling, jumping, screeching, burning and really lots of action – we captured them in video but I don’t know where hubby saved the files lol, sorry about that. Here’s hoping to upload them soon.


Ito ang isa sa mga senaryo sa stunt show na aming pinanood noong nakaraang taon. Isang grupo ng mga artista at stunt men ang nagpakitang gilas ng kanilang galing sa pagmamanibela, pagtagilid, pagpapagulong, pagpapaikot-ikot at pagpapasabog ng mga sasakyan.

Sa taas ay makikita ang malalaking truck na ginamit din ng grupo para sa kanilang mga stunt – ang magdurog ng mga kotse!

Sa sobrang laki ng mga gulong ay kasyang kasya si bunso!

Happy LP!