Running is a form of workout which does a whole lot of good. It keeps your heart rate up, burns calories, and gives you an overall good feeling afterwards.

As with any form of exercise, it helps a great deal to add some music to your routine. It sets the mood, motivates you to get up and move. Listening to music while running spells a world of difference between a tortuous, ligament-tearing workout and an endorphin-filled sprint. It simply brings life to an otherwise dreary running session.

music runningWhen it comes to choosing music to accompany you while you run, you don’t have to strictly follow anybody else’s playlist. Whatever’s playing in his or her iPod may not necessarily work for you. “To each his own” applies, even in this case. But there are some things you can consider when picking out your running songs.

Choose songs which put you in a positive frame of mind. If listening to the Spice Girls floods you with memories of a broken heart, then dump that.

When it comes to warm ups, choose songs which are not too fast and not too slow. Moderation is the key. The idea here is to prepare yourself for your run, not to wear you out too soon. You have to psyche yourself, so stick to music which sends off positive vibes.

Some runs may involve treading uneven terrain or going uphill. This calls for music with a more upbeat tempo. Inspirational songs may work here, as they can empower you and put you in a frame of mind that you can conquer the world.

Feel free to explore. There’s a whole range of music selections out there. Venture to try something new. If you’ve always been a fan of hip hop music, why not try some reggae for a change. Change is good, and may get your heart really pumping.