Spain wins uefa 2012
Spain wins uefa 2012


Kiev, Ukraine. Spain beats Italy at 4-0 to win the UEFA EURO 2012. Spain wins its second European Championship, adding a third title to its cap (who says cup?) Sunday night.

No, it was actually the opposite of being boring as most has criticized team Spain over the years…they controlled the ball, dominated midfield and strung together pass after pass even when the game has just started.

After only 14 minutes, David Silva got the first goal. His header came at the end of an outstanding move that saw Cesc Fabregas cut the ball back from the touchline. That send us, team Spain fans, to go on a wild cheer! From that point on, it was a game that we knew would be owned by Spain.

It was such a rush of adrenaline for those watching when left back Jordi Alba charged almost the full length of the field to deliver a cool-headed finish for the team’s second goal. All the more when 10 minutes left in the game, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata each scored a goal to end the game leaving Italy with no chance of a comeback.

By winning the Euro 2012, Spain was written down in history as the only team to win three major championships.  Those include Euro 2008 Champion, World Cup 2010 Champ and Euro 2012 Champ. To borrow Ricky Martin’s famous single, which was also the  1998 FIFA World Cup’s official song: Ale Ale Ale Ale! Fitting for our Spanish champions!