Top Reasons Parents Send Their Kids to Boarding Schools

While many may perceive boarding schools as outdated, elitist institutions of old, there are many parents still sending their kids to these schools. Boarding schools offer students a chance to increase their talents and focus on their academics in ways that public and private schools sometimes can’t. Here are the top reasons parents send their kids to boarding schools.

Talent Potential

A kid who shows a gifted ability to play a particular sport whether football or tennis or basketball may not reach their full potential at a standard school. A youth sports performance program, however, focuses on the athlete and helping them increase their performance to beyond the high school level. They include strength programs as well as injury prevention, key things in modern sports.

Rigorous Academics

Sometimes the local schools just cannot meet the academic standards of the parents to help their child get into top schools. Or the child may excel past what the school can provide. Boarding schools are known for their rigorous academics. They focus on preparing students for college. The rigorous coursework is often paired with help available as a student needs it. Many programs feature a designated time to talk with professors to encourage students to advocate for themselves and seek assistance.

Supervised Freedom

Boarding schools have become a place for teens to experience freedom in that awkward in between child and adult time. They have the freedom of not having their parents hovering around them. However, most boarding schools have strict rules regarding behavior including things like limiting internet access to certain times of the day. Other common rules include lights out times, stratified curfews based on age, dating and visitations with other students.

Better Relationships

Unlike the cliques in high school that can change daily, boarding schools have students living together all day, every day. Many friendships last lifetimes after the students spend so much time together. The relationships are often richer and more meaningful. Tight bonds allow students to learn and grow together.

Team Sports

Even the athletically challenged student often must participate in team sports. Not only does the student learn new skills and stay physically healthier, they have an opportunity to bond with their peers in new ways. While most high schools require students to participate in physical education, team sports offer a more meaningful way to exercise, bond and use new skills. Boarding schools are not for everyone, but these are the top reasons parents still send their teens to them.