golf for kids

Playing golf doesn’t require age…or better, to be better in golf as with other sports, begin early. One of the few sports my kids enjoy is golf, albeit the smaller courses, we would spend our free time finishing them scoring up against each other and though daddy always wins, we’d always have fun.

At home, we would also play golf on Wii and that’s where we learned the basics of golf, the terminologies, rules and what else related to golf. But putting them in practice is a different story.

Time and again, I would read tips and whatnots to help us better our skills. Golfer Neil Haboush has a lot of tips, despite being a long-time player, he shares tips to amateurs to help them be better at play. This is one of the tips he gave on his blog:

Bunkers are one of the most difficult aspects of your golf game to deal with. Here are some tips that can really help:

Solid footing is crucial. Dig your feet down into the sand to get a really stable stance.

Widen your stance, with your feet, knees, hips and shoulders pointing left of the target. This will naturally shape your swing into what is needed for most bunker shots.

Grip down on the club a couple of inches to compensate for digging your feet into the sand. If you don’t, your swing will have a tendency to be too deep.

Focus on the back of the ball, not the ball itself. This is where you need to make the most impact.


According to Haboush, a proper stance and a grip is required for the winning swing, that by altering the way of gripping, a player can change the swing so much. Haboush follows the short thumb grip because with it, one could fell easy at the time of swinging and could go the distance and hit the target, he says.

There are many other tips that Haboush shared on his blog and I’m keeping interest to what else he has to say. Truly, family-golf time is fun but it’s also beneficial to listen to the experts to be better with it, you’ll never know who the next Tiger Woods would be…


golf for kids
Right or left-handed, kids find golf exciting.