Glo Is Here To Provide Online Yoga Videos For Finding Calmness

Diving into Yoga is more than just trying to become a flexible practitioner able to do the splits. For a lot of people, Yoga can be quite the solution for achieving calmness and peace. Most people who love meditation enjoy Yoga because it’s basically meditation through movement. Yoga is such a powerful way of connecting to the deepest part of yourself and discovering your truest self. All you need is the right training to do so.

As a Yoga teacher, I recommend following a specific plan and Yoga sequence that is focused on connecting you to the peace within yourself. Glo is a website that provides online Yoga training sessions. Glo has an entire section on helping individuals discover the calming voice inside.

Glo’s Calmness Section Can Provide Peace

Glo has a wide array of videos on different topics, but their Calmness section is one worth looking through. Here’s a look at three of their most lucrative beginner classes focused on calmness.

– Relax Before A Stressful Event

This class is about 10 minutes long taught Jason Crandell. The main goal of this class is to help relax before an exciting or stressful event coming up in your life. Focuses highly on grounding the nervous system and bringing your attention away from the anxious thoughts. Uses a variety of basic movements to make it easy to do for when you are most stressed out.

– Let Go & Settle Down

This specific class is a full 45 minutes long meant to help give a full routine for finding your peace. Its main focus is helping you settle down and let go of thoughts and emotions that bother you. It has plenty of forward folds and hip openers since the hip is where a lot of stress and guilt can be harbored. You will need a block for some of the movements and poses. This class is a level 2 class perfect for beginners trying to find peace and discover calmness.

 Glo Is Here To Provide Online Yoga Videos For Finding Calmness

– Rewire Your Nervous System

This class is 60 minutes long that provides a nice sequence perfect for improving your emotions and rewiring the nervous system. It will ebb and flow effortlessly with the goal of reducing your anxiety. It is a level 2-3 program, so you should have a decent amount of experience before diving into this class. This vinyasa flow is a great way to slowly ooze your way into more advanced Yoga practices.

These three classes are just a few of the videos you can witness through Glo. They have sections meant to help runners, cyclists, athletes of all kinds, and even videos specific to men and women. They want everyone to feel included providing videos for all kinds of needs.

Why You Should Join Glo

Glo provides great online Yoga videos for those wanting to get training without leaving their home. They provide thousands of video selections across a variety of topics and forms of Yoga. Instructors are highly certified and accredited to provide users with step by step and complete knowledge on the different poses. You don’t need to worry about driving to a studio and having to arrive on a schedule. Take an online Yoga class whenever you choose and where you choose. Your living room, bedroom, or backyard can be a place for you to practice.

There is a FREE Glo 15 day trial that provides you the chance to experience everything fully with a free membership. This is a way to go through their videos and see if the fit your style. Their online Yoga videos are definitely worth diving in to. Take advantage of their FREE trial and see if Glo suits your needs.

Diving into Yoga is more than just trying to become a flexible practitioner able to do the splits.
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